Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy Planning

Every year I swear I'm going to get my life together.  Last year a bought an Arc customizable notebook from Staples.  It's just a cover with slots for the discs.  I printed out the calenders and hole punched away.  Used it for a month then stopped.  This year I'm reusing the same notebook but went to Michael's when they were having a sale on their planners.  I bought the Create 365 calendar extension pack (2) which are 6 black calendars with non-dated monthly and weekly calendar  pages, and 2 sticker sheets which have the months and dates.  I also bought the 1050 piece sticker pad.  They have different themes but I went with a neutral one.  Figure if I want to be super creative I'll just use the cricut and print out my own stickers for special occasions (will have to wait till I have a bunch to print, that way I won't waste sticker paper). Hoping having to sit down each week and put stickers in my planner will help me to actually use it and remember more things that I should be doing.